What is Product Academy?

Product Academy aims to be the place for learning the craft of Growth Product Management.  We offer three programs:

  • Growth PM Program – an 8-week part-time program for current product managers interested in rebooting their product management career and working professionals brand new to product management or looking to embark on a career in product management.
  • Craftsman PM Program – a 2-day workshop for experienced product managers and marketers to take their craft to the next level.
  • Craftsman PM Onsite Program – a customized version of our 2-day workshop for large companies that want real innovation.

Why Product Academy?

Building and marketing products isn’t a game of incremental feature development and lean-washing.  We are on a quest to help ourselves and fellow product enthusiasts take a critical, holistic look at the art and science of products.  Join us to discover, learn and apply cutting edge ideas to deliver growth for yourself and your organization.